Keith Weed:

Advertising's new age of responsibility

Our industry makes an enormous contribution to society and we now have an opportunity to rebuild public trust in what we do.



29 Jan 2020


The Essential Importance Of Trust: How To Build It Or Restore It

There are just a few elemental forces that hold our world together. The one that's the glue to our society is called trust.

Dennis Jaffe

5th Dec 2018 

Chief executives see reputational boosts in combatting climate change

Three-quarters of UK business chief executives believe that responding to the climate emergency through new business pledges and initiatives will provide a reputational advantage, with climate change climbing up the corporate agenda.  

New York Times
The Advertising Industry Has a Problem: People Hate Ads

The advertising industry faces an “existential need for change,” according to a blunt report published on Monday by the research firm Forrester. Now the agencies must “disassemble what remains of their outmoded model” or risk “falling further into irrelevance,” the report concludes.

October 28, 2019