Banksy on advertising

I like to read Banksy's take on advertising every once in a while. It keeps me grounded. It reminds me that I have no particular right to pollute the social space with the things I think are important. To be honest, I have no particular right to pollute the social space with ideas and images I create on behalf of clients who have products to sell.

Marketing and advertising isn't some sort of megaphone and people won't listen just because you shout ever louder. Rather, it's a conversation you are trying to start and if the conversation is interesting - even if it isn't very loud - then people will become engaged and then other people will wander over because they are curious and want to know what those other people are listening to. And, before long, people are learning about you and if they agree with your argument, they'll 'buy' into what whatever you're selling. And what they buy first is the idea rather than the product itself.

It's interesting but, since posting this Banksy manifesto on Linkedin a month ago,

it has been viewed more than 9,000 times, which is pretty good for me and suggests Banksy's sentiments strike a chord with a lot of other people in the marketing business.

We have no right to harangue the public, and if we think that's how to sell more stuff, then we're deluding ourselves.