Forget 'Brand Purpose', just be useful.

All this talk about 'brand purpose' is just so much disingenuous virtue signalling. The public aren't stupid. They know what you're doing. You're just trying to ingratiate yourselves into their lives by showing how much you share their values. Just stop it. It's nonesense. real people don't need a soap powder to tell them what to think about LGBT rights.

Here however is a lovely, honest, simple, appropriate initiative from Kellogg's in Australia. A chance for kids to colour in a packet of Coco Pops. It fits. People feel better about Kellogg's and they buy more Crayola crayons. Come on guys, this isn't difficult. Just be appropriate and stop jumping on bandwagons.

"Kellogg’s hopes to make breakfast more creative.

In Australia the cereal giant has temporarily made the packaging for its most popular varieties black and white, in a partnership with Crayola, encouraging consumers to ‘colour and win’."