INTERBRAND: TRUST - the key to brand success

This month, INTERBRAND published its 20th anniversary rankings of the world's most successful brands. The Saturn Project isn't all that impressed by the size of a company - but we do take an interest in what contributes to making a brand successful. So we were extremely interested to hear Interbrand explain that their research suggests the main factor behind brand success is consumer TRUST.

I hate to say we told you so...

Interbrand Top 100 - 2019

In the forward to this year's report CEO Charles Trevail says:

“In today’s accelerating markets, customer expectations outstrip static brand positions. Brands can no longer be considered separate to businesses and will be judged on what they do, not just what they say; and on trust, not just delivery.

Elsewhere, the report goes on to say:

"Today, the world’s best brands are not positioned; they evolve together with the business along trajectories that align perfectly the Human Truths they serve, the Experiences they provide, and the Economics that sustain them.
"A key finding from our analysis was that the bravest brands are also the most trusted brands. When a brand makes bold choices for its business, consumer trust is one of the most important factors in predicting the effectiveness of that business decision."
"Focus on earning your audience’s trust. Then, you’ll be a step closer to becoming a brave brand."

Read the full Interbrand report is below

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