Find out what people want

“Customer is a bit bigger than marketing... It's about having the courage of listening to customers and looking brutally at the reality of what they say, taking it in and working on it and being relevant.”

Tesco has been turning round its business since 2014, when an accounting scandal railroaded the business and the brand. While the company “lost its way in a number of ways”, according to Bellini, she believes a key issue was that it became obsessed with chasing results rather than customers.

Bellini’s work saw her crowned Marketing Week’s Marketer of the Year in 2019

Read the full Marketing Week article here: Tesco’s marketing boss: Customer is bigger than marketing

Also read an earlier take on where Tesco went wrong in this article I wrote here back in 2015: Falling Out of Love with Big Data: Where Tesco went wrong

In which I concluded 'We need to get back to building relationships with shoppers that go beyond the rational.'

The take out from this, I think, is that, as we're seeing with RBS / Natwest and now Tesco - brands are not irredeemable. If they get their act together, people are willing to give them a second chance. But it needs vision, belief and persistence and it needs to be based on what your customer wants - not what your sharholders demand in the short term.

Come on people - you can do this. Learn from Tesco - find out what people want. (They want brands they can trust)