Does advertising deserve criticism?

The Drum says: "An unsold ad space inspired someone to take a pop at advertising, scrawling 'The joy of not being sold anything'. We will be looking at alternative views of advertising in one of our summer The Drum issues which will be edited by Dazed & Confused and one of the world's foremost photographers, Rankin. here” 

Saturn says: 'Take a pop at' suggests unfair criticism.

Advertising deserves all the criticism it gets and we hope Dazed & Confused are brutal in their critique.

Advertising performs a function, and when it’s helpful, clever, entertaining, informative, then it fulfils that function.

Too much of it is sloppy, degrading, simplistic trash.

Trash. A hot, sweaty, crowded tube is bad enough at the best of times.

You don’t have to be 'right-on’ or ‘Woke’ to aspire to better ads than the 75% of the rubbish we are forced to look at.

Sure we have to sell products but we also have a duty to treat the public with respect.

Advertising is about creating conversations with brands, not some cheap opportunity to brainwash a captive audience.

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