The Kindness Economy

Mary Portas outlines her journey from the fashionista capitalist business she built in the 1990's - into something more caring and balanced in the 2020's - something she ultimately defines as an agency built on kindness.

She makes an interesting distinction between buying from brands and buying into brands - and believes we are evolving into more conscious and socially aware customers that look for values as much as value for money.

'We are entering the time of 'status sentients' (sentients = to feel / to perceive) and instead of 'buying from' and 'being sold to', we are moving into 'buying into' - into businesses and brands that share our values. Into businesses and brands that share what we know and what we need to do... It's the only way to do business if we want a future and it's going to be the most valuable type of currency there is."

It's a different take on #trustononics A different approach.Take a look. It's worth a watch. Inspiring.

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