Trustonomics: Step 2 - Trust: What it is and isn't

So there are obviously many benefits to having a trusted brand. But how you gain that trust and how you keep it, we think, is hugely misunderstood.

Trust is not about manipulating your customers into liking you. It isn't a short term sales tactic. It isn't a moral issue. It's not about doing good and saving the planet and, you know, making everybody love you.

What we do think is that Trustonomics is the future of business. The days in which you could hoodwink your customers, and hype yourself up, in the way that wasn't true to who you really were. That's gone.

Trustonomics is a way of doing business that benefits the buyer, the seller, and quite honestly, the whole of society in general.

Being trustful is about being genuine, which, actually, is about understanding who you are, and, being that.

And it does this through the simple process of keeping your promises. It's really no more complicated than that.

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