Trustonomics: Step 4 - The promises you make

So it's really important, when you're a brand, to identify the right promises to make. Are these promises that will drive your business forward but are they also promises that you can rigorously make sure are fulfilled through all facets of your business?

Your brand will be defined by the promises you make and therefore, these promises define your raison d’être - actually define who you are and what your purpose for existence is.

So, if we agree that trust is based on keeping your promises, it's really, really important to make sure you make the right promises. These are promises that you want to keep and that you can keep. The promises that you make can be ambitious or they can be really, really modest. What's more important is whether you can keep them or not.

Many brands overpromise. For example they make these great big gestures which aren't in keeping with who they are as a business.

It's not often understood that many of the most loved and trusted brands are very modest. They do their job well. They always turn up. They deliver on their promises. And that's the baseline from which you should be starting.

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