Trustonomics - Step 5 - Steering the right course

As I hope you’re starting to realise, building a trust-based-business is more than a tick box exercise. It takes a lot of commitment and it takes a lot of management to make sure the whole process works throughout your business. If there's any point in the chain that you slip up, that may reveal that you’re not sincere about the promises you are making. Promises come from the heart.

The worst thing you could do is to create ‘promises' which aren't authentic because, ultimately, you will be found out. And there's nothing worse than looking as though you're trying to be authentic when you’re not. Without authentic intention any marketing activity is, by definition, manipulative. You're doing it in order to get something back.

It's not about ‘being good’. It's about understanding who you are and then, authentically, being that. It's about your customers seeing that you're trying to be authentic because, if they see the intention is there, and that you have a genuine desire to see them right, they will value that. They will see that you are trying to work for them and they will give you their trust as a result of that.

It's basically a 'Catch 22'. Marketers think to themselves 'Unless we start telling the truth no one will trust us. But, on the other hand, if we start telling the truth NO ONE is going to trust us’. Trustonomics is all about resolving that.

We won't give you the answers but we will guide you through the process. We will help you identify the promises that you can and should keep, and we will give you the structure that allows that to happen in a consistent and reliable and authentic way.

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