Trustonomics: Step 6 - Inviting the customer in

Trust is a mutual state in which both parties give something. Unless that happens, it's a one-way process. We're not just pumping out messages to an unthinking audience who accept whatever we say without question. We know that's not true. They question everything.

They pick up, at a kind of subconscious level, the inconsistencies in your story. And because of that, the relationship between you and your customer has become extremely fluid. You're picking up from them what they’re interested in and they're picking up from you how are you’re trying to find a way to solve their problems.

This is what we're talking about when we start develop this relationship. Trust is mutual. It's about two parties coming together on a common ground and sharing something.

Now what this means for you guys is that you have to give something up first. You have to make the approach. And that approach has got to be something that makes you vulnerable; that gives your customer, your audience, an opportunity to see who you are - for who you REALLY are.

You do it by telling your potential customers what your goals are, what your aspirations are, what your values are, what you stand for. What makes you get up in the morning.

This takes courage. This takes belief in the process. And, unless you're committed, your customers will see that.

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